To order Pussy Caps from this catalog please email me at beaniecapguy@gmail and include the name of the cap. I will give you payment information at that time. I take credit cards and PayPal.
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Pussy Cap Catalog 2
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Alpaca, Silk and Merino Nekker

The Peruvian alpaca is in its natural black while the silk/merino blend is in a pallet of colors that include magentas, golds and blues. It shimmers in the light and is soft and warm. A real beauty as the colors spiral up the Nekker and give it a different look from every angle. 
120.00 + 6.00 shipping
Alpaca Merino Nekker trimmed in Angora Fur

A black Peruvian superfine alpaca yarn has been coupled with a colorful yarn from Montana that's all different shades of reds. Trimming this soft Nekker is a handspun and kettle-dyed angora fur yarn from South America that will bloom a lot and create a wonderful halo at both ends. 

140.00 + 6.00 shipping 
Alpaca, Mohair and Wool Four Corners Pussy Cap

Sometimes unusual yarns can end up being really cool when mixed with other yarns, and that's a lot of what I do with Pussy Caps - I mix and match yarns until I get something that I really like. In this case a tiny strand of teal mohair set the stage for the other two yarns in the body of the cap. Its companions are a natural colored Peruvian alpaca tweed and a multi-colored thin strand of German wool. The patterns and color shifts are subtle but really really beautiful. The mohair made it a little too scratchy for the ears and forehead so I added an inside band crocheted from two different natural black alpaca yarns: brushed baby alpaca and superfine alpaca. All the softness you need next to the forehead and ears is right there in those two yarns. This Four Corners Pussy Cap will have a slightly smaller and tighter fit than most, making it ideal for boarders or people who are active and really need that cap to stay put on their head. 160.00+ 6.00 shipping 
Alpaca, Merino, Mohair and Wool Four Corners Pussy Cap

Four distinctly different yarns form the basis for this big thick Four Corners Pussy Cap. The end result is a fabric that looks like mahogany with lots of subtle shifts in color. (The pink yarn is mush more subtle in person than in the picture.) The four yarns are: natural black superfine alpaca from Peru`, a tiny thread of eggplant mohair, a handpainted merino yarn from Uruguay and a thin strand of pale pink wool. It's one of the more unusual combinations I've done and I think it turned out really nice. On the inside is a band of brushed baby alpaca and black superfine alpaca, both from Peru`. They have been charged with keeping things soft and comfortable around your forehead and ears and they do their job well. 
180.00+ 6.00 shipping 
Green Alpaca Boucle`

Alternating with the rows of green baby alpaca boucle` from Italy is a handpainted merino and silk yarn from Montana. The two yarns are really nice together, forming a luscious fabric that feels super soft against the delicate skin of the forehead and ears. This Four Corners beauty has a snug but not tight fit so it'll stay on no matter what you're doing. 

160.00 + 6.00 shipping
Pink Alpaca Boucle`

This spectacular Four Corners Pussy Cap boasts a dense protective fabric resulting from the coupling of a pink baby alpaca boucle` from Italy and a handpainted merino yarn from Uruguay. If you’re into pink then here’s your cap! The turned up band means you’re in essence wearing the equivalent of two caps on your head. And because it’s alpaca you’re going to stay very very warm. A snug but not uncomfortably tight fit is perfect for almost anyone’s head as the alpaca boucle` will stretch out just enough to fit your head without getting sloppy. . 

180.00 + 6.00 shipping
Orange Merino Boucle`

The orange yarn you're seeing here is a soft Italian merino boucle`. The merino is spun in such a way that it creates little loops or curls along the length of the core thread. It's not easy to work with but the results are worth it. It has been joined by a strand of vintage red wool and a beautiful strand of Peruvian alpaca tweed. Accenting is another great boucle` yarn in charcoal. What a great Four Corners Pussy Cap this turned out to be! Perfect sizing and stretch for anybody's head and so thick and insulating that your head will never be cold again. It just feels amazing on. 

160.00 + 6.00 shipping
Blue Merino Trimmed in Black

Two beautiful handpainted yarns join together for a Four Corners cap that looks like it was conceived and birthed underwater near a coral reef. The first is a really soft merino yarn from Uruguay that boasts those beautiful underwater colors. Very small but adding a lot is a small strand of handpainted cashmere in olive greens. Towards the top of the cap a tiny strand of green mohair makes a brief appearance. I trimmed the cap in a natural black alpaca from Peru`. If you like blues and greens then you'll really love this one. A nice snug fit for anyone's head.   

160.00 + 6.00 shipping
Qiviut and Merino Nekker

Qiviut is one of the softest and warmest fibers on earth; coming as it does from the extraordinary Musk Oxen that live in the farthest reaches of Canada and Alaska. Qiviut is their downy undercoat and it is certainly will keep your neck and head warm. Here I've coupled the Qiviut with a thin strand of beautifully handpainted ultrafine merino and then trimmed both open ends with the Qiviut. They're luscious together and will give you many years of warmth and enjoyment. 

200.00 + 6.00 shipping
Cashmere Merino and Silk Nekker

Four strands of yarn were crocheted together here for an amazingly soft and beautifully colored Nekker that will thrill you from the moment you first feel it in your hands and around your neck. These are small strands of yarn that bring together cashmere, ultrafine merino and silk. Yum. 

180.00 + 6.00 shipping
Black and White Cashmere

When the Mongolian cashmere is good, it's really really good. So here you go, a classic style Pussy Cap that's pure handspun Mongolian cashmere from top to bottom. Not sure a lot more has to be said. Sometimes I think all I need to say about cashmere is that it's cashmere - your experience and brain does the rest of the work. This cap is long and lusciously soft and warm. Enjoy!
140.00 + 6.00 shipping
Lots and Lots of Alpaca

The body of this fabulous Four Corners Pussy Cap involves four strands of yarn. The first is a natural Peruvian alpaca tweed in its natural colors. Joining it s a strand of natural black alpaca and finally a tiny strand of teal Italian mohair. They make for a seriously beautiful fabric that's as wow as it is subtle. It's all trimmed in a really sweet purple baby alpaca that's also used as the inside band for the softness you need next to your forehead and ears. This Four Corners beauty is like having two caps in one as the turned up band is essentially an entirely second cap. For the coldest days of winter this is your cap! 

180.00 + 6.00 shipping
Alpaca, Merino and Silk in Greens

If you like the greens of underwater fish and coral then you might wanna consider this beautiful Nekker. I have joined a strand of Peruvian alpaca tweed with a strand of handpainted merino/silk and a thin strand of handpainted ultrafine merino. Stunning partners in this fabric that constantly modulates through a panoply of greens and subtle greys and browns. It's thick and super soft and perfect for the sensitive skin of your neck. 

140.00 + 6.00 shipping
Alpaca Merino Four Corners 

Peruvian alpaca tweed is one of my favorite yarns because it works so well with so many other yarns. Here I've combined it with a multi-color merino that's also from Peru`. The trim is a gorgeous natural espresso brown alpaca yarn from Sunrise Ranch in Utah. Big, bold and lusciously soft, yes. But it's also crazy warm and protective - and that's what these Four Corners Pussy Caps are all about. 

180.00 + 6.00 shipping
Pure Peruvian Alpaca

Alpaca is hard to beat on just about any level you wish to define it. Here I've taken a few strands of Peruvian alpaca in their natural colors and created this very simple Four Corners Pussy Cap. It's trimmed in more black alpaca. It has a nice drape and a wonderful softness that's typical of this superfine grade of alpaca yarn. Easy fit for just about anybody's head. 

140.00 + 6.00 shipping